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The Prattsville Scoop: Celebrating good news

June 12, 2019 10:32 am Updated: June 12, 2019 11:36 am


PRATTSVILLE — We have something to celebrate this week. The fourth generation of the Stuppert/Donisan family has entered the world. Edward R. Donisan, son of Julius and Elizabeth Donisan, was born a few weeks ago and weighs 10 pounds. Julius is the son of Bob and Suzette Stuppert Donisan, now first time grandparents, making Elsie Stuppert a great-grandmother. She couldn’t be happier with this new appellation and is already in love with little Edward. Congratulations to all.

Welcome home to Charlie and Beverly Becker Santo. They are in residence at their home on Main Street, Balsam Tree House. They were not here last summer due to some health issues with Beverly but that has all been taken care of and they are now busy taking part in our community’s activities. Except the first few days here Beverly got a touch of summer allergy or slight cold causing her to stay home but she is now out and about. They took in the Strawberry Supper at the Lexington UMC on Saturday evening.

Aren’t gentlemen supposed to remove their hats when sitting down to eat? Just wondering.

Bracaliello’s travelogue: During Saturday night they got rain which helped sleep, something had to as the bed was like a board. It rained some more on their walk to the museum. Sadly the museum was not open, in spite of the sign. On the way back to the Villa they stopped at the cemetery, where they found Feo’s, Ray’s Grandmother’s maiden name. The cemeteries in Italy are all above ground. They are very well cared for with many beautiful flowers. Claudia’s “raincoat” did not keep rain out and was soaked through. A hot shower and dry clothes back at the Villa made a big difference in comfort level, and along with a fire in the fire place, made her a “very happy camper.” Some snacks and wine in front of the fire made it a lovely afternoon. Cousin Barbara and son and D-I-L arrive about 7:10 and D-I-L Ashley cooked for them as the rain continued. A delicious garlic, anchovy, and caper pasta sauce. Sunday was a very gray morning, eventually starting out for Omignano, where Grandfather Bracaliello was born. A beautiful town with narrow streets and phenomenal views. They talk to a lovely woman as she emerges from her door and ask where to find the cemetery. She is willing to take them to the cemetery, and walks with them as they try to communicate. To be continued…..

More good news. Janet Brainerd is feeling so much better after her doctor’s appointment. In fact she was feeling so good her daughter-in-law Becky (George) Haight took her to their home in Coeymans Hollow on Friday afternoon. Janet said she just sat around enjoying her family, the sun and the nightly bonfires. In addition to Becky and Georgie, there were her grandson Dan, his fiancée Ann and daughter Lily for Friday company. On Saturday grandson Sam, wife Casey and son Luke joined the family along with a number of friends. The pool was opened for the summer. Granddaughter Cassandra Constable and Ryan Margiasso arrived on Sunday to take part in the gathering. Janet returned home late Sunday afternoon a little tired but in much better spirits than a week ago.

Happy Birthday to Lacey Brand on June 15. Happy Birthday to Gerald Mark Mead on June 16. Sandy Traver and Alan Huggins are wished Happy Birthday on June 18. Happy Birthday to Donnie Speenburgh on June 20. Happy Birthday to Al Creazzo on June 21.

Happy Anniversary to Janelle and Ken Maurer on June 16.